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Looking for Best Expository Essay Topics?

Educational process’ tasks are not only about presenting new information, but also about developing useful skills. Writing an expository essay is one of greatest educational means today. It creates a situation, which requires a student to apply many kinds of skills for a successful result. And, of course, everything begins with finding good expository essay topics.

What is an expository essay?

This type of an article is a complex one. It combines several other kinds, like descriptive, investigative, persuasive essay and telling a story. 

The primary purpose of an expository essay is to take a complex object (a system, an organization, a mechanism, a book, an exercise, good or bad habit etc.). Go deep into it, analyze it, find out what it is and how it works and teach your reader everything you understood about that object, its structure, and functioning, outcomes, and influence.

What are the best topics for an expository essay?

First of all, we can say that there are some easy expository paper topics and some more complex and challenging ones. Schools demand to examine rather simple problems, and college expository assignment topics tend to be more advanced.

Now it's time for choosing a major field of your research.

Are you into social sciences? Would it be sports and fitness? Or automotive industry? Perhaps, you are a fan of beauty and fashion direction? Or nature and environment? Just something you may major in, that interests and excites you personally. Topics for expository essay, which are worth best assessments, lie within one of those fields.

Examples of simple and complex expository essay topics

Social sciences, family, and society:

  • Easy: My Family Tree
  • My father's work as a Fireman
  • Complex: Psychological Influence of Community Acceptance/Social Approval on College Students
  • Are Technologies a Benefit or a Harm for Educational Processes?

Animals, nature, environment:

  • Easy: History of Siberian Husky Dog Breed
  • Circle of life in seasonal change
  • Complex: Volunteer initiatives aimed at decreasing number of stray animals
  • Hurricane Katrina – A Top Category Disaster

Health, fitness, sports:

  • Easy: How much water should you drink each day?
  • Why is broccoli a green miracle?
  • Complex: Water intake influence on metabolism
  • Superfoods today: top3 most healthy products

Any field can be researched both in school and in college, the difference is in how advanced is the topic and in the depth of investigation fulfilled.

Further goes data collection

  • Explore the topic you have chosen. You have some starting experience but go deeper.
  • Find any possible literature or text materials: articles, thesis papers, official information.
  • Gather opinions: talk to people you know, asking their thoughts about the subject – their attitude or knowledge.

Create a logical outline: structure your research and presentation.

Write your essay project: summarize your data, decide on the order of priority and then create your narration paper text. You need to revise it properly, read it several times, check spelling and logical mistakes, ask someone to proofread your college paper.

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