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Much Ado about Nothing

The comedy, “Much Ado about Nothing” is a comedy concerning the pairing of two lovers. Claudio and Hero, who are about to get married, conspire to play a trick along with Prince Don Pedro, to make their friends Beatrice and Benedick to fall in love with one another.

However, Don John, who is Prince Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother, is jealous of the Prince’s affections for Claudio, plans to destroy Claudio’s wedding. This is a plot set in Messina, Italy and was most probably written prior to the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Frederick V. The characters in this comedy reflect a Southern Italian temperament that was present during the time. Most of the actions of the play take place at the estate of the character, Leonato, who is the governor of Messina and Hero’s father.

From the beginning of the plot it is known that Benedick and Beatrice are in some form of adversary tail end with one another. However the teasing and taunting that goes on between Benedict and Claudio soon takes place in the form of a challenge played by Claudio and Hero to find the core of fun and what they believe to be the hidden true feelings between the two adversaries, Benedict and Beatrice.

The play is present with masquerade balls and all forms of mischief being played among friends in the form of teasing and light flirtations. For instance the ball where Don Pedro has fun wooing Hero on behalf of Claudio and Claudio being unaware gets furious at the Prince and confronts him.

The matter of the joke being quickly resolved, Claudio wins Hero’s hand in marriage.

The idyllic setting is crossed with stretched of boredom where friends try to amuse themselves or one another with such instances of light fun and bringing new forms of entertainment in their lives. In the similar vein, Don Pedro and his friends set about to bring on the matchmaking between Beatrice and Benedick. So Beatrice and Benedick are tricked about the false notions that the other one is in love with the other.

But both of their vanities being fanned pretend that they are too proud to return the love. Among this fun and frivolity arrives the character of Don Pedro who wants to stun the congregation of marriage of Hero and Claudio by spoiling their union.

So he proceeds to thatch a plot that falsely proves Hero to be an infidel. The next day Claudio refuses to marry Hero shocking the wedding congregation. Hero, who faints at this shock, does not wake up till Claudio and Don Pedro leave. Though reprimanded by her family, the friar conducting the wedding believes in Hero’s innocence and tells them to declare her dead in order to extract remorse from Claudio and truth of the incident.

Meanwhile Beatrice and Benedict confess their love for one another.

Later while Claudio and Don Pedro are challenged to a duel by Hero’s uncle and Leonato, the evil thatching of Don John get revealed by the local Watch.

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With the perfect comic timing the matters are resolved and Hero comes disguised as a dancer at Claudio’s second wedding done as a penitent to one of Hero’s cousins. The perfect comic timing is regarded again as the new couples are joined again while Beatrice and Benedict also declared their love and forthcoming marriage. The merry ending to the matter of events take place after all the comic turning points and puzzles are set fixed again.

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